Elite Model Escort Agency Is Now Spreading Throughout UK

There is a new wind of change that is blowing through the escort industry in the UK; increasingly, most of the new ladies entering the escort world are young, educated, and often with modeling backgrounds. Consequently, the UK has witnessed unprecedented emergence of elite model escort agencies, so as to cater for an increasing client base. In fact today, all escorts agencies have to change their old tactics in order to remain relevant.

The emergence and spread of elite model escort agencies can be attributed to various factors;

  1. College, university students; today, most of the elite escorts london comprise of university students and graduates, most from institutions around London, and other large cities. With these educated and informed damsels, comes a need for escort agencies to adapt and ensure that they cater for the needs of the clients, as well as of escorts. Often, they students offer escort services on a part time basis; the agencies have thus to ensure that they balance between their time in learning institutions, and meeting clients.
  2. Anonymity of the Internet; the internet has enabled people across the UK to crawl out of their cocoons in terms of meeting elite model escorts. Many would shy away from hunting for elite escorts publicly, others were afraid of what society would think of them if they saw them with an escort. But today, one just needs a laptop, and internet! Most escort agencies around the UK are aware of this trend, and have thus made it possible for one to meet an elite model escort online, pay online, and have her go to their premises or homes. The internet has thus opened up a thriving escort industry, so much so that the demand is almost surpassing the supply.
  3. UK is a cosmopolitan city; some years back, the UK was strictly the country of Englishmen and women. However, with the opening up of the world, and as world economies become more intertwined, the UK has seen many foreigners and expatriates call the country home. These foreigners and expatriates have brought their culture with them; although a huge number of people who flock to the elite escort agencies in the UK are locals, a huge segment comprises of visitors, tourists, expatriates, and so on so forth.
  4. Stiff competition; traditional escort agencies in the UK have had to pull up their socks, thanks to the stiff competition they face from newer and better agencies. As the competition gets stiffer, agencies have had to look for the best escorts around, best in terms of looks, figures, and level of education too. A recent study done recently seemed to suggest that Dolls and Roses, one of the leading escort agencies in the UK, has over 70% of their elite escorts coming from the leading universities and colleges in London. Also see mayfair escorts
  5. Escorts gaining popularity; nowadays, the typical UK escort is not merely in it for the money; they are trained, polished, and emphasized upon that their first duty is to please and satisfy the client. Thus, much as money matters, their greatest obligation is to satisfy the client, and ensure that he gets value for their money. Thus they have built a reputation for being the perfect companions, and as this new found fame spreads, more and more people have come out seeking to sample their services.


The elite models escort industry in the UK is destined for brighter times. In order to ensure that you have the best elite model to spend time with, ensure that you have picked her from one of the leading escort agencies. Dolls and Roses is a good place to start from.

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